For both the design work and the consultancy work Euro-Rigging has a strong team of highly trained engineers. In addition to a sound mechanical engineering basis and considerable experience gained in the field, Euro-Rigging makes use of advanced design tools.


2 dimensional designs are created in AutoCad/Mechanical 2007.


For complex 3D design work ProEngineer/Wildfire has been used since 2001. In 2006 SolidEdge was chosen as the standard mid range design package.


Where possible design calculations are carried out in MathCad. For complex designs Pro-Mechnanica (in combination with ProEngineer/Wildfire) or Patran Nastran are used.
In addition, for specific design calculations in crane and lifting engineering Euro-Rigging has developed its own calculation programs. These programs are kept continually up-to-date and where necessary supplemented and adapted on the basis of new insights or developments.