Lifting coldboxes Brasil

Euro-Rigging was involved as a consultant in the lifting of cold boxes for Pampa / AirLiquide Brasil

Lifting Gasoil Hydrofiner Port Jerom

Euro-Rigging was involved as a consultant in the erection of two Hydrofiner columns at ExxonMobil Port Jerome France

Consultancy for exchange Absorbers

Euro-Rigging was appointed as consultant for the transport and lifting of absorbers at the NEAG plant at Voigtei, D.

Plan review erection reactor

Euro-Rigging was approached for plan review and consultancy for the lifting of a hydrofiner reactor of 170 t.

Exchange of fractionator

As a consultant Euro-Rigging was highly involved in the preparation of an exchange of a product fractionator.

Heavy lifts for Essar Oil

For the construction of the new Essar Oil Refinery project at Jamnagar India Euro-Rigging was involved as consultant.

Dismantling visbreaker furnace Aruba

Euro-Rigging was involved in the dismantling of a visbreaker furnace at the Valero Refinery Aruba.

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Processing industry

Our activities as an independent engineering and consultancy bureau for lifting work and transport in the processing industry are concerned both with large-scale maintenance activities and the construction and upgrading/removal of bottlenecks for these. We provide mainly engineering and consultancy in the area of non-routine lifting. The focus in this case is on increased safety and cost savings. Our services allow customers to eliminate risks as far as possible. They can begin a major project knowing they are well prepared. This can also take place under the guidance of one of our consultants.


Engineering in the areas of lifting and transport

  • preparation of lifting and transport plans for heavy and bulky loads
  • preparation of risk analyses
  • drawing up of step-by-step plans and method statements as part of the project preparation
  • engineering of lifting and transport facilities
  • adaptation of existing lifting and transport equipment

Consultancy in the areas of lifting and transport

  • independent lifting and transport studies
  • drawing up of a RFQ for lifting and transport projects
  • evaluation of tenders
  • assessment of submitted lifting and transport plans
  • supervision of the implementation of lifting and transport activities
  • design and certification of lifting and transport facilities
  • building site and route investigation
  • analysis of accidents and incidents with respect to lifting and transport
  • arbitration in the event of a dispute
  • appeal service in the event of accidents with respect to lifting and transport
  • general inspection of all lifting and transport equipment


  • Oil and gas companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Contractors/Installation companies
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of heavy (offshore) equipment
  • lifting and transport companies