removal of gas engine for taqa

Euro-Rigging prepared the method statement for removal of a compressor and gas engine on platform L11 B

ATEX Directive and Offshore Crane

Euro-Rigging completed a Risk Assessment and Evaluation of sources of ignition on offshore cranes

Method Statement for lifting drums

For lifting a coil tubing spool drum and clip in drum frame Euro-Rigging developed a special method.

Installation riser L9-FF-1.

Developing a method and prepare the Method Statement and lifting plans for installation of a 16" riser pipe on L9-FF-1.

Exchange Caissons K14C

Euro-Rigging developed a method for exchanging caissons offshore

Trolley beam for IP launcher

Design of a trolley beam structure for lifting and installation of an intelligent pig launcher spool.

System for flare tip handling

developing a lifting system for handling of flare tips

Method Statement IP run K8 - K14

We prepared all method statements for preparation and execution of the Intelligent Pig run K8 - K14

Installation Landing stations

Euro-Rigging did the engineering for lifting and installation of a number of landingstations

Installation HVAC units offshore

Euro-Rigging developed a special, temporary lifting system for lifting and installation of 2 HVAC units offshore

Lifting TLQ's on NAM D15-FA-1

For lifting two TLQ's on NAM D15-FA-1 Euro-Rigging developed a simple liftingsystem

Installation of modules offshore

Euro-Rigging was involved in the work preparation and engineering for the lifting of modules offshore

Installation of wind milss offshore

Euro-Rigging was involved in the preparations of the installation of windmills offshore.

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Offshore (non-routine lifting)

For offshore related work Euro-Rigging, as an independent engineering and consultancy bureau for lifting work and transport, has a special offshore team available fully certified and inspected and ready to carry out projects and supervise special lifting assignments offshore. In addition Euro-Rigging adheres to the guidelines of Nogepa, we are a member of the IRO and are working towards FPAL registration.

The following also applies offshore: Our services allow customers to eliminate risks as far as possible. They can begin a major project knowing they are well prepared. This can also take place under the supervision of one of our consultants/project engineers. In particular, we pay special attention to projects for which a standard solution is not possible.


Engineering in the areas of lifting and transport

  • drawing up lifting and transport plans for non-routine lifting and transport operations
  • preparation of risk analyses
  • drawing up of step-by-step plans and method statements as part of the project preparation
  • engineering of special lifting and transport facilities
  • adaptation of existing lifting and transport equipment

Consultancy in the areas of lifting and transport

  • drafting of independent lifting and transport studies
  • assessment of submitted lifting and transport plans
  • supervision of the implementation of lifting and transport activities
  • design and certification of lifting and transport facilities
  • site surveys offshore
  • analysis of accidents and incidents with respect to lifting and transport.
  • general inspection of all lifting and transport equipment


  • Oil and gas companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Contractors and offshore installation companies
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of heavy (offshore) equipment
  • lifting and transport companies